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Hi, I am Jo and I have been practising traditional Chinese medicine, reiki and energy healing for over 15 years


I first discovered alternative therapies after a long period of ill health, that never seemed to ever be resolved through western medicine.


I have had a lot of personal challenges over the years, as many do, dealing with the loss of loved ones, unable to have a family, loosing so called good friends, career dilemma’s, the list goes on.


My whole body, internal and external has benefited from these learnings, I understand a lot better how to look after myself and what is good and not so good, how my life is in harmony if I manage this balance of the mind, body and spirit.


I want to empower and inspire people to improve their health and wellbeing through natural methods, and help them take control to align the body and mind, returning your natural state of harmony and balance whilst stimulating the body’s natural capacity for self-healing.


We will first discuss how you are feeling and what injuries or emotional issues you may be dealing with so that the treatment is tailored to the particular needs of your body and mind. By receiving the most appropriate treatment for you, you will be on the way to attaining an optimum state of physical, mental and spiritual health.


I will help you get to the root of your health issues with medical intuitive sessions to help get a better understanding and clarity of what is making you ill. Healing emotional wounds and trauma, releasing emotions that are tied to negative past events that effect your life today unblocking your body's powerful healing ability.


The core of our wellbeing relies on a healthy mind, body and spirit, I can help you achieve balance and harmony in your life through the amazing benefits of spiritual and holistic treatments




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