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Medical Intuitive Healing


Take control of your wellbeing


We approach medical intuitive readings with a belief that when we are not fulfilling our soul contract in this lifetime, it may contribute to the development of disease.


By looking at illness from a body – mind – spirit holistic perspective, we aim able to assist our clients to identify areas in their life that need to be addressed to start taking steps towards healing.





• A review of your body’s physical systems and symptoms


• A review of your chakras vitality as they contribute to your emotional / physical health


• A review of important Acupuncture meridians & points


• A look at the themes, “stories,” and possible Past Life influences that may impact your well-being


• A collection of holistic and traditional resources to address physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of any health concerns


With this information, we assess and describe the health and vitality of your physical and energetic systems, such as your chakras & energy field, specific emotional patterns, and the physical symptoms that we see impacting your health. This process is a holistic body/mind/spirit overview of your health.


The medical intuitive assessment gives our clients the needed information, almost like a health blueprint, with resources to move forward and take action to improve their health and well being in whatever direction, be it holistic, traditional, or a blend of both.

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